7000 Islands

A Food Portrait of the Philippines

Go on a culinary journey through the Philippines and uncover an intriguing nation of 7,107 islands where the people’s love of eating is as big as their hearts.

Food is more than a pleasurable pursuit.  It is the cultural language of the Philippines.  The people use it to apologise, woo a woman, ask a favour or say thank you.  –   Extract, from 7000 Islands

In 7000 Islands, her first book, Australian-Filipina Yasmin Newman takes the reader on a culinary journey through the Philippines and uncovers an intriguing nation of 7,107 islands where the people’s love of eating is as big as their hearts.

Despite the Philippines’ central location in South East Asia, most people know little about the country and its cuisine. Inspired by her travels across the county, Yasmin resolved to share the Filipino food story and preserve its traditional recipes and modern food ways for future generations. Four years and a number of trips have culminated in this beautiful and expansive portrait of the Philippines.

Containing over 100 authentic recipes, 7000 Islands tells the story of the country’s food through its colourful and unique history – with influences from Spain, China, Mexico and the US adding to the rich texture and flavour.

Unlike local Filipino cookbooks that assume a large degree of knowledge, 7000 Islands aims to fill the gaps for people who have never tasted or cooked the cuisine before.

Ranging in recipes from mouthwatering savoury dishes and decadent desserts, to native fare and Spanish fiesta meals, and every soup and snack in between, Yasmin shows us that the food of the Philippines holds a unique place in the world, and is just waiting to be discovered.

‘Highly Commended’ Cookbook of the Year 2013
7000 Islands is a beautifully illustrated, comprehensive guide to Filipino food and an insight into the culture and history of the Philippines, which will appeal to foodies and travellers alike.” Books Kinokuniya

“Yasmin Newman’s 7000 Islands is a handsome and weighty introduction to the lesser-known delights of Filipino food.” Australian Gourmet Traveller

“I can't condense a cuisine here. But I can say with a champion so articulate, it's time to take another look. Beyond the pork and the shrimp paste, the vinegar and the oodles of frying is an approach Newman articulates with great style.” John Lethlean, The Australian

7000 Islands is meticulously researched and evocatively written… Yasmin unravels the Philippines’ stories and recipes through the eyes of a hungry and curious cook. Gorgeous.” Sally Feldman, Australian Women’s Weekly

“Make space on your shelf for 7000 Islands, a beautifully styled and photographed tome dedicated to the depth and diversity of Filipino cuisine… Penned by Yasmin Newman and filled with travel photos she took herself, 7000 Islands is a way to rediscover the cuisine we have the fortune of enjoying every day." ELLE Décor, Philippines

7000 Islands: A Food Portrait of the Philippines is sold worldwide in Australia, the US, UK and the Philippines.

Above: a tricycle driver taking a break watches the passing traffic. Far top (from left): Spanish colonial crockery in a traditional windowsill drying rack; Sino-Filipino fare to buy at a lumpia (spring roll) house in Binondo (Chinatown), Manila.